Basilisk Box Mod from Stentorian Launching

2017-09-27 | stentorianvapor

In European bestiaries and legends, a basilisk is a legendary reptile reputed to be King of serpents and said to have the power to cause death with a single glance. Today, we are launching a ‘basilisk’, which has the power to hit you at the first glance.


The basilisk has the unique Resin & Metal body stitching and we prepare multi color choices to bring you different vision impact. There 2 colors for metal part, S.S and gunmetal, while 5 colors, of resin is available. All the resin material is toning and molding in the same mold, so every stuff has distinguished striped curve to be unique. Yet you do not need to worry to buy a color you dislike, because every stuffs are in the same color combination with the color you have chosen. And you can see the out look of the box through the transparent packaging. And the resin material brings you the distinguish touch experience.


In legends, the basilisk of Cyrene is a small snake, "being not more than twelve fingers in length". Just like the real basilisk, our Basilisk Box Mod is also in small size, 55mm × 85mm, but has distinctive power. The box support dual 18650 batteries and can reach highest output as 200W. In addition, the box has powerful and powerful+ mode to reach the rated power in a shorter time. To meed the needs of majority vapers, we also make rebuild mode to help you find the favorite firing way.


We hope to offer the most convenient using experience for you, so we make bottom-push type battery compartment in Basilisk for convenient battery replacement. Moreover, it has the three-key operation interface, which is very easy to operate. You can press firing button for 5 times to power on or off, press ‘firing’ and ‘+’ button to enter the menu and press ‘+’ and ‘-’ to choose the power type. For left-handed vapers, they can reverse the reverse the screen by pressing both ‘firing’ and ‘-’ together. To avoid touching inadvertently, you can press both ‘+’ & ‘-’ to lock and unlock the power. And the Concave buttons design according to ergonomic offers you better pressing.

The basilisk is suitable to resistance range from 0.1onm to 3.0 ohm to meet the majority of consumers use habits and the spring electrode makes it suitable to a variety of atomizers. And it has the over-time vaping protection, overheat protection and short protection to protect your safety in all aspects.

The Basilisk has stylish stitching style appearance and convenient 4 mod operating system with three-key operation interface. If you are looking for a box mod with great look and easy-operating, it should be the best choice for you. Click to learn more about the Basilisk Box Mod from Stentorian.